Q & A

  • What are some ways clients are reporting that their Synthetic Surrogate is helping them?
    • Increases sexual stamina.
      Increases sexual drive.
      Improves sexual anxiety.
      Improves ability to maintain an erection.
      Improves ability to achieve orgasm/ejaculation with a partner.
      Improves ability to maintain an erection.
      Reduces feelings of loneliness.
      Helps to relieve emptiness after the death of a spouse.
      Helps mental health.
      Relieves anxiety about not having a partner.
      Takes the need for sex out of dating.
      Relieves stress and anxiety about sex.
      Lessens the need for porn.
      Improves sleep quality/insomnia.
      Reduces anxiety and improves happiness.
      Allows to express sexual desires.
      Improves sexual confidence.
      It's the ultimate masturbation experience.
      Mimics sex with a real partner.
      Helps ability to relax around women and start a conversation with them.
      Gives a sense of happiness.
      Allows for concentration on finding a romantic partner instead of a sexual partner.
      Helps in remaining faithful to spouse by satisfying high sex drive.
      Enjoys having someone to come home to.
      Companion upkeep increases feelings of being needed.
      Improves mood.
      Improves confidence with real women.
      Allows ability to explore fetishes not able to previously with real women.
      Gives feeling of companionship.
      Someone to cuddle relieves stress.
      Allows for sexual experiences with different body types.
      Improves health and increases weightloss.
      Gained enough sexual experience and confidence to move into a relationship with a real women.
      Allows for sexual experimentation.
      Improves fitness.
      No longer have to lead a sexless life.
      Removes resentment toward partner for not being able to meet sexual needs.
      Fills a void for physcial contact.
      Helps to overcome emotional trauma.
      Gives feelings of safety, comfort, peace.
  • How are Synthetic Surrogates used within the therapeutic community?
  • Synthetic Surrogates are intended for use as an aid in a therapeutic treatment plan as guided by a sex therapist, sex educator, surrogate partner or other healthcare professional. Please speak to a licensed practitioner about treatment plans, if you believe you would benefit from a Synthetic Surrogate.
  • What exactly is a Synthetic Surrogate?
  • Synthetic Surrogates are high-quality life-sized adult sexual/companion dolls for use within a therapeutic treatment plan.

    Characteristics of a Synthetic Surrogate, Sex Therapy Companion Doll:

      ✓ Highly realistic and lifelike in both appearance and touch.
      ✓ Made of soft squeezable TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) with fully posable metal skeletons which can bear their own weight in a variety of sexual and non-sexual positions.
      ✓ Come in female, male or female with a penile attachment. (Available soon in trans male and trans female bodies. Thank you transgender community for the suggestion! )
      ✓ Customizable to the clients own unique preferences in regard to physical characteristics and appearance.
      ✓ Recommended for client use as an aid for a variety of sexual and social issues within a treatment plan directed by a sex therapist, sex educator, surrogate partner or other healthcare professional.