Surrogates: A New Spin on an Old Practice

by Synthetic Surrogates is a woman-owned, sex positive company. Our mission is to provide the highest quality, realistic, life-size sexual companion dolls for use in therapeutic settings, and we are changing the conversation about sex and tech.

Sex therapists and researchers have been exploring the use of sexual surrogates since at least the 1960s. Back then, pioneers Masters and Johnson helped men overcome sexual anxiety and erectile dysfunction by pairing them with female volunteers recruited to provide sexual experiences designed to be therapeutic.

In the era of free love, sexual surrogacy took off. Surrogate Partner Therapy developed based on the belief that the best way to overcome sexual anxiety is to experience sexual behavior in a safe and comfortable way. Surrogates provide sexual exercises and experiences for their clients, who then discuss these with their sex therapists to process and understand the experiences.

Today, however, surrogacy can be a complicated issue for both clients and therapists. Surrogate practitioners are increasing rare and expensive, costing up to $9,000 for intensive treatment. Whether due to a client’s location or the prohibitive cost, surrogacy may simply not be an option.

Some sex therapists also feel ethically conflicted about the practice of surrogacy and feel that, despite their proven value, they cannot prescribe a surrogate in good conscious.

The New World: Synthetic Surrogates

For both clients and therapists, Synthetic Surrogates offers a middle ground that combines the efficacy of a surrogate at a lower cost and with fewer personal complications. Also known as “companion dolls,” Synthetic Surrogates are an excellent therapeutic resource for those with intimacy issues and trouble getting off the ground in sexual relationships.

Sex educator Hudsy Hawn believes that dolls have a lot more to offer than the picture commonly painted in the media. “Much like a sex surrogate, ‘love dolls’ give the customer a feeling of privacy, safety and security,” Hawn says.

In a recent survey of companion doll owners, 74% of respondents said their sexual anxiety improved and 81% said their sexual drive improved. In regards to sexual health, 50% of respondents noted their ability to achieve and maintain an erection had improved.

Synthetic Surrogates are suitable for men and women, singles and even couples. In fact, nearly 20% of doll owners use the doll in partnership with a significant other. Their use with couples ranges from safe experimentation with a third partner to providing a surrogate when one partner becomes unable to enjoy or engage in sex.

Synthetic Surrogates also make excellent companions for someone needing emotional support after the loss of a partner. These clients may not be ready to date again, but don't like being home alone either. In these cases the companion doll can serve as a “bridge” until their confidence returns—with the guidance of a licensed therapist.

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